Packing is arguably one of the most tedious steps when preparing for a move. When you add extra furniture and belongings to the mix, it creates even more of a hassle that you will have to deal with in your next home. Many people don’t realize the numerous resources available to free yourself from these unwanted possessions. Our team at Treasure Valley Movers wants to ensure our clients’ moves are as easy as possible, so we have listed a few outlets you can use to reduce excess clutter and simplify your move!

Online Resale Sites

When you’re settling into a new house, you usually want some up-to-date furniture to accompany the feeling of change that moving brings. This will often leave you wondering how to get rid of your old furniture in order to make more room in your new place. There are many different online resale sites that can help you quickly find a new home for the old pieces. Sites such as Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace are a few examples that allow you to set your location along with distance boundaries and list your furniture for an asking price or free. Utilizing these sites can be an efficient way to free up space in your new home.


Furniture typically isn’t the only thing you will be getting rid of during the moving process; there are usually smaller items from your home that you no longer want as well. These smaller pieces could range from kitchen items to clothes to decorations that you just don’t want to bring with you. If these belongings are in good condition and something you think others could use, you can donate them. There are many different non-profit donation organizations that will gladly take anything you will no longer use. Donating is a much better option than throwing these possessions out because another person can benefit from something that you no longer use (and it’s better for the environment)!

Junk Removal Services

If the items are not in good enough condition to resell or donate, then you can use a junk removal service. At Treasure Valley Movers, we offer a junk removal service for anything that you don’t want to deal with during the moving process, or if you have another facility that just needs to be emptied out, we can do that too! We will come to the space that you would like cleared out and take care of the dirty work so that you don’t have to.

Getting rid of your unwanted belongings can help reduce your time spent packing and unpacking and simplify the moving process. At Treasure Valley Movers, we want to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. If you would like a free quote on junk removal or any of our other services, contact us today!

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