Your time is important. At Treasure Valley Movers, we want your move to be a breeze and done in an efficient manner. With our 25+ years of experience, we know moving. Knowing the way you want to organize your things ahead of time can help considerably. Moving with ease requires skills when packing, labeling, and of course, working with your movers.


The most daunting task when starting to move can be packing itself. Your items are important and you want to store them in an easily accessible, safe manner. We suggest focusing on packing your belongings that are least used, first.
We suggest things such as knick-knacks, books, and other shelved items. Then continuing packing from least used on to most used. This ensures that you aren’t missing anything important or needed later on in the moving process because it might be packed. This includes leaving needed kitchenware until you and your family won’t be needing another house-made meal until you move into your new home. Thinking through your items before aimlessly packing will considerably help you in the unpacking process later.


Another extremely important task that is often overlooked is labeling. After a move, this is typically the most important when looking back at where your needed items are. This could mean bedding, kitchenware, or other items you might need immediately after a move. When labeling, it’s important to label more than one side of your box. When you have multiple boxes in one area, it’s easy for labels to get covered and hidden so make sure to write bold and large. Fragile items should also be labeled as such to remind your movers of what is breakable.

Your Movers

This is where all the heavy lifting is off your shoulders. Our trucks and moving equipment are all made to sufficiently protect every one of your belongings. This includes not only your boxed items but furniture as well! We are available for a move 24/7, so we can get it rolling on your needed schedule. With our professional movers on your side and at your aid, there’s no need to stress after the packing is complete. This is where our team takes over and handles the rest!

When faced with the daunting task of packing and moving, we hope you will consider us to help you and your family. Our professional service is purely unbeatable. Call Treasure Valley Movers today to schedule your move with us!

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