Idaho, the beautiful. Rugged mountains, pristine lakes, rushing rivers, rolling hills of farmland…the Gem State truly is breathtaking, and more and more people are discovering that our state may just be the best-kept secret of the West!
Over the last few years Idaho has seen a population increase, particularly here in the Treasure Valley. But why are so many folks, from all walks of life, deciding to make Idaho their new home? Read on to find out more about what makes our state such a great place to live!

Backyard Adventures

As mentioned before, Idaho is BEAUTIFUL. Still a primarily rural state, there are extensive acres of wilderness in every corner of Idaho. If you enjoy outdoor adventures like camping, biking, hiking, rafting, or skiing, making your home in Idaho is ideal!
In as little as 30 minutes, you can find yourself in an isolated mountain area in many places in our state. Boise itself backs up into a beautiful foothill system, complete with its own protected wilderness area; this brings cute critters close to the city, something you may not see in states like Texas or California!

Proximity to Other Treasures

Not only does Idaho have its own wonders to explore; we’re also conveniently located in the center of the West, providing many other adventures! Idaho is perfectly positioned to access all the treasures of the West, including Yellowstone, the Oregon Coast, the Rocky Mountains, and the Olympic Peninsula’s rain forest. After a day of driving (or hopping a quick flight from Boise!), you can experience the urban centers of Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, or Portland.

Blossoming Urban Hubs

Speaking of the West’s cities…Idaho has a few of its own! While areas like Idaho Falls and Coeur d’ Alene may not fit your traditional idea of a big city, they have plenty to offer. And Boise, Idaho’s capital city, has the best of both worlds; its outer edges provide you with a more peaceful, quiet life, while it’s downtown hustles and bustles like any other! With industries in the area rapidly growing, especially in the areas of technology, there are many options and opportunities looking for those ready to branch out or relocate.

Small Town Feel

The really amazing thing about Idaho? Whether you live in one of our cities or live in a rural community, you get that caring, small-town feel no matter where you are! Those cheesy movies where everybody knows everybody else? That’s actually how Idaho works! Every person looks out for one another, which is so valuable. If your car breaks down, someone is going to stop and help. If you go on a weekend trip, you know your neighbor will keep an eye on your home and water your lawn! Idaho living is all about community, and that’s pretty dang special.

Friendly Neighbors To Lend A Hand

Speaking of community and those super helpful neighbors…Idaho is renowned for the friendliness of its people. We love to have BBQ’s and make friends, we make eye contact and smile on the street. And we’re always willing to help someone out when they need a hand.
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