Summer is upon us, and now is the perfect time to make that move to your dream home! The kids are out of school, the weather is less temperamental, and you’re ready to start packing…and you are not alone!
Nearly 60% of moves in the United States happen each year between the months of May and August. So, how do you pull off that perfect summer move? We’ve compiled some tips to make it easier for you!

Call Your Moving Company Ahead Of Time

Again, summer IS the busiest time of year for movers, so scheduling your move ahead of time is going to be a big help, both for you and for the company! Call your local moving company with at least a few weeks’ notice if possible; it gives you more time to get organized and prepared, which is going to take a lot of stress off of your shoulders when it comes time for the big day.

Have A Yard Sale

A big part of moving is getting rid of the clutter. You’ve outgrown your old home, and probably quite a few things you’ve been holding onto, so now is the perfect time to let it go! Throwing a successful yard sale can not only help you eradicate some of the things you don’t need to bring along to your new life; it also can help give you a little extra cash for those decor upgrades or the takeout dinner while you unpack in your new home!

Remember Self-Care

This is important for any move, but especially in the summer! Summer months can bring HEAT, and Boise itself usually sees multiple days over 100 degrees. Remembering to hydrate, wear appropriate clothing, and cool down when you need to can be absolutely critical when moving in the summer months.
Make sure you have the AC on in your new home, or at the very least have fans at the ready, so that you can keep cool while moving things in. And don’t forget the sunscreen–our desert sun can be brutal and unforgiving if you don’t take precautions!

Plan For Traffic

Of course, it’s not just moving that increases in the summer. Regular summer activities–particularly road trips, vacations, camping, fishing trips, etc.–increase, too! Idaho is a popular outdoor adventure destination and has a lot to offer. As such, summer traffic increases in our state. The Treasure Valley, in particular, provides a healthy blend of urban and natural environments, with plenty to offer for nature enthusiasts and city lovers alike. Plan for traffic no matter what your move day is, and especially aim to avoid weekend or holiday moves!

Pack With A Plan

Aside from perishables, you probably have more than a few items that can be a little temperature-sensitive that you will want to pack for your trip. Electronics, cosmetics, candles, cleaning supplies, medications…all of these items likely will need to be kept somewhere that the temperature is more controlled if you’re traveling more than a few blocks. When you are packing, make sure to pack these items last and clearly label the boxes so that you can either pack them into your personal vehicle or have your movers load them last/unload them first from the moving truck.
If you’re ready to get started for your move this summer, give the team at Treasure Valley Movers a call!

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