We’re getting closer to our warm Idaho summer, and for many, that brings the potential for a new move! Peak moving season runs from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend (possibly because of school schedules), which means many families are gearing up to relocate or upgrade their living space.
When planning for your move, it’s important to plan for any scenario. This way, you don’t have to worry when the unexpected happens! That’s where moving insurance comes into play.

What is Moving Insurance?

As with health, home, or car insurance, moving insurance is a smart thing to have in your moving arsenal. Moving insurance is pretty self-explanatory: it protects your belongings in case of damages or loss during the moving process. You can’t predict the unexpected…but you can try to plan for a worst-case scenario.

Why Do I Need Moving Insurance?

Accidents and the unexpected can happen to even the most attentive and organized people, and the probability that something will go missing during your move is almost 100%. That’s why having protection in place to prepare for the potential lost or damaged items is so important! You never know when something could jostle loose in one of your boxes when driving over a pothole, or when something important will accidentally get slipped into a donation box at the last minute by mistake. It’s not anyone’s fault; sometimes these things happen!

Treasure Valley Movers Offers Moving Insurance

At Treasure Valley Movers, we want you to have the best moving experience possible. That’s why we make sure that we have everything you need to see your move happen without a hitch! No small part of that is our commitment to you and your family that your belongings will get where they need to go without mishap.
We offer multiple moving insurance plans to help ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your precious items are protected. With our dedication and our 24/7 service, it’s no wonder that we are considered the best Boise movers.
If you or a loved one are considering a move, give us a call today for a free quote!

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