Being one of the most popular destinations to move to, Boise is growing every single day. We see this first hand with all of the new apartment complexes and homes rapidly being built to accommodate the newcomers. But why are people moving here and where are they moving from?

Where Are They Coming From?

The state of California has been a popular conversation here in the Treasure Valley as we start to see more California license plates on our highways. However, this is not the only state that people are coming from. Other popular states are Washington, Oregon, Utah, and even Texas. Here were the overall averages of people moving to Boise from each state in the year of 2018:

  • California had about 21,000+ people
  • Washington had about 14,000+ people
  • Utah had around 6,000+ people
  • Oregon had around 4,000+ people
  • Texas had about 1,000+ people

So, in reality, Idaho is attracting people from all over the nation, not just California!

Why Are People Moving to Idaho?

Why are people all of a sudden just packing everything up and moving to Idaho? There are many reasons! Idaho is simply just more affordable for those who have lived in the west coast states; people can more comfortably afford to live here and not have to worry about losing their homes. But money is not the only reason to choose Boise.
You simply cannot beat the location of our City of Trees! You have all four seasons, over 200 days of sunshine a year, and the beautiful river that runs right through downtown. You have city life, mountain life, and outdoor life all in one when you live here in the Treasure Valley. The wilderness is right in your backyard while only being a few minutes from downtown!

The community is growing and with that, so is the economy. When it comes to moving out of state there’s a lot to think about. It can be stressful moving 30 minutes down the road, let alone across state lines. But it can all be worthwhile in the end.

Boise’s Treasures

The downtown scene is thriving here in Boise. The restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment are growing now that Boise is on people’s radar! One thing that makes our city special is all of the local beer and wine that is brewed and served locally. The food is on another level in downtown; local restaurants are some of the most popular spots to hit.
Boise also has a lot to offer that is outside the heart of the city.

For example, look north at the breathtaking foothills that are full of trails for runners, dog walkers, and mountain bikers. Living here makes you want to get outside and explore the beauty around you. These are all good reasons why people are so attracted to this beautiful state that we call home. If you too want to pack up and move to Boise or if you already have, then make sure to look into local moving companies to help you move right on in.

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