Wintertime is a time for holiday celebrations and fun outdoor activities. From skiing and skating to sledding and caroling, there are a lot of happy opportunities to have fun in the ice and snow— but moving isn’t one of those things that come to mind. In fact, a lot of people tend to avoid moving in the winter altogether, but there are a lot of reasons why you may consider a winter move.

Better Availability with Your Moving Company

Everyone knows that summer is a more popular time to move, and while the weather is nicer, your local moving company is likely also busier. Winter gives you greater flexibility in setting up times to have your items picked up and delivered to your new home, ensuring you are able to get settled in your new digs as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Easy to Get Time Off Work

For some people, the holidays also offer a time when it is easier to get away from the hustle of your work responsibilities. Especially if you are just making a cross-town move and not changing jobs, it is an easier period to get time off work so you can manage all the time-intensive aspects of moving. If you are relocating an office, the downtime in the holiday season can provide a great opportunity to move without interrupting too much of your regular workflow.

Less Road Traffic

While there are heightened travel days during the peaks of the holiday season, most of the time winter offers a moment where there is less traffic on the road. This can make moving, whether cross-country or just cross-town, less of a headache as you don’t have to fight with the masses. Keep in mind the best practices for driving in the winter, though, and make sure you keep you and your family safe.

Tips for Moving in the Winter

While there are some benefits to moving in the winter, there are definitely some hazards and things to be aware of. By taking a few extra precautions you can make sure you, your family and your movers stay safe in the moving process.

Keep Sidewalks and Driveways Clear

If there are icy or snowy conditions, make sure that you have cleared your sidewalks and your driveways. Not only does this make things safer and easier for your movers, but it helps keep down on what is getting tracked in and out of your home or apartment.

Watch the Weather

Keep an eye on the weather. Simple time changes and adjustments to your plan can often easily be accommodated for and make things easier on you and anyone who is helping with the move. If it looks like there might be precipitation, make sure you have plenty of towels or blankets to dry off and cover your fragile items as they are moved in.

Keep the Heat Off

When you are moving, there is a lot of traffic in and out of your home, and if you have the heater on you will be paying for a lot of heat, you won’t be keeping. Make sure that the heater is turned down or off, but also– don’t forget to turn it back on.

Be Hospitable to Your Moving Crew

Winter doesn’t provide the easiest condition for moving, so whoever you have helping should be greatly appreciated. Whether you have an army of friends or a paid moving company think of some things you can do to make things more enjoyable. Order hot coffee, supply some energy bars, maybe have a slow cooker of apple cider simmering– little things can make a big difference and make your move go that much better.

Your Local Boise Movers

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