Stressful and time consuming are just a few words that describe moving. Whether it’s moving back home or moving away, it is a chore. Follow this checklist to ensure you’re prepped and ready to start your new life.

  • Research the Area
  • Price Check
  • Hire Movers
  • Local Events

Research the Area

Facebook Groups, Niche, Google Maps, Livability, or any other resource where you can research the opinions of others is very important. Turning a blind eye and only focusing on the nice homes and pretty scenery will not be an accurate representation of your everyday life. A lot of info and opinions from locals born and raised in the area is a powerful tool for finding where to settle. Before moving to the area you can learn the ins and outs of the city, where things are located, and how the locals treat each other.

Price Check

Shop around. Check Zillow,, and Craigslist for rent pricing. This factor plays into the first one because even though a place may be cheaper to live, it does not necessarily mean it is a safer area. You would be surprised by the cost of historic neighborhoods and new neighborhoods. Sometimes the older ones will cost more due to their reputation and proximity to the city.
Take Northend in Boise for example, with the popularity of the area and proximity to the city, it can be harder to find more affordable housing. You also run the risk of paying a pretty penny for a much older home/apartment, when five miles away you can pay the same amount for more space and updated appliances.
Price checking is not subjected to just rent prices. Some areas the utilities are lower, the gas is more affordable, and the public transit is cheaper. Depending upon what is most important to you, make a conscious effort to know before you settle.

Hire Movers

If we all had eight arms like an octopus, moving and packing wouldn’t be so difficult. Keep in mind your own level of strength, mentally and physically. It can be very taxing to compress everything into boxes and then carry them out to a vehicle or trailer. We have movers in Boise for that exact reason. Don’t feel ashamed, you need all hands on deck to make your life a little easier. They come loaded with all the right tools for keeping your belongings safe whether it’s for commercial or residential moving.
They are Tetris experts. Not only will they wrap your belongings, but they also will organize them in a way that is optimal for moving long distances. A lot of moving companies like Treasure Valley Movers have been in business for years. If anybody understands moving, it’s the companies that specialize in exactly that. Especially for larger families and those with disabilities, hiring movers can take a big weight off your shoulders.

Local Events

Is the place you’re moving to even your style? Check event calendars to find out what kind of events are a big deal in the community. Some places are more down-to-earth and others are more glitz and glam, that’s just the nature of some communities. Depending upon what scene you best fit in, you are going to find fun things to do, hopefully. Especially during the holidays there are pumpkin patches, holiday plays, and concerts to attend almost every week.
A great resource for finding niche events and local town gatherings is Instagram and Facebook. There are lots of events posted and promoted through these platforms. Especially if you are moving to a completely different town or state, start familiarizing yourself with the kind of events most people attend. In no time you will become like the locals because you will know where to go for food, plays, and shopping.

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